Things Your Bag Is Saying About You And Your Personality

Things Your Bag Is Saying About You And Your Personality

There are a plethora of articles about what a person’s behavior says about them. Or some of the posts are also about what clothes reflect about the wearer’s personality. But have you ever thought that even the bag you have is also conveying something to others? Well, if this came as a surprise then it is acceptable to be intrigued about the same. But yes, it is true! If you are fond of purses, or you know someone who is into purses for women, then read on to catch onto the interesting details.

What can a bag say about you?

Do you form an opinion about someone knowingly or unknowingly when you see them with or without a bag? Or have you ever felt drawn towards someone carrying a bag rather than someone who is not? One may not even realize it, but it is implied that bags do catch attention and reveal a lot about the personality of a person having them. So, yes, while you order purses online, the aftermath of holding will say something about you.

What does a specific bag type say about you?

Now that it is understood how much a purse may be expressive, it is equally vital to know the part- what! Here is an idea about the same.

  • Introvert or shy- When someone holds their purse close to their body, near to their stomach, and with both hands, it reflects shyness. Such a holding way may even indicate nervousness, being uneasy, or being short of confidence. It is generally considered to be a person having a reserved personality. So, if you see a woman around at a party or get together holding her bag in front of her tightly, then it may mean she is uncomfortable and shy to talk.
  • Extrovert or carefree- Those who are quick to gel up with others or prefer to be adventurous; there are high chances that they will wear their bag on one shoulder most of the time. It means that they are ready to initiate conversations and be more open to others. Such people love to be set free without any limitations, and hence, also let their bags loose and free on one shoulder. They also are not scared by the setbacks and may even be bold enough to face challenges.
  • Stylish or classic- There is another fascinating manner in which a woman holds her purse, that is to hang it on her forearm. Such a way of resting the bag handle on the crook of the elbow reflects grace and dignity. It also means that the woman prefers to stay in sync with the latest trends and is not afraid to try new styles/things. Resting the bag on the forearm is also perceived as the yearning to catch the attention of people around. It speaks of having a unique and authoritative way as well.

So, the next time you hold your bag or someone else is specific with their bag or purse handling, you have an idea of their personality.

Types of Purse and Handbags that Suits your Personality

No matter how much time you spend on getting ready before heading to the office or any occasion, it is always tricky to choose the right type of purse that suits your style and body type. While choosing the right type of purse, a lot of thoughts come into your mind and there are some that need to be considered. Perhaps along with maintaining the fashion statement, the charm of the purse can not be ignored. So, this handy guide will help you decide which purse ideally matches your personality.

Purses come in different shapes, sizes, and colors and they say much about your personality as they do about your look. Due to this make sure that your purse should be operational, it must convey the message that you are trying to make with your attire. So, let’s dive into the various types of purses listed below and pick the one that complements your personality.

  • Paloma Shoulder Bag: If you are a multitasker, then it’s obvious that your arms should be free. So, this is the reason why our Paloma Shoulder Bag is a perfect fit for every occasion that you can carry without compromising your personality. This iconic shoulder bag allows you to keep every essential alongside keeping your hands free. Also, this is an amazing shoulder bag that fits every occasion, giving you a modern and classy look.
  • Kayla Tote bag: If the size is your concern, and you are looking for a handbag with a large amount of space enough to carry all of your essentials, then prefer using this “Kayla Tote Bag.” It is perfectly designed to hold more stuff compared to any other average bag. This bag fits perfectly with your outfit if you are going for an outing, attending a party, shopping, or office. It comes with a long strap making it comfortable to carry in different ways.
  • Lean Cross Body Bag: Carrying a cross-body bag will make you realize that this beauty is adding an appealing look to your personality. It is a perfect size bag neither too big nor too small and even helps you carry all of your essentials such as cash, card, mobile phone, and more. This cross-body bag is great for serving and even gives a fashion statement as well. So, those looking for a cross-body bag that impacts their appearance must pick this lean cross-body bag.
  • Women Wallet Purse Handbag Women's Crocodile PU: Handbags play a significant role in one’s life because they enhance and complement the dresses that you wear without compromising the comfort level. However, if you are not confident about which is the right handbag for you, then this Women Wallet Purse Handbag Women's Crocodile PU is a great option for you. This sweet and simple crossbody bag is for sure going to match both your personality and style effortlessly. Its elegant design and small size make it the perfect pick for any occasion and improve your overall look.

While there are a vast variety of bags to choose from, the above-mentioned are just a few that are in trend nowadays and go well with every attire. So, choose the one that perfectly fits your attire and be yourself.