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Pink Iolaus

Hair Curling Iron 3 Barrel Temperature Adjustable and Fast Heating SP

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  • PTC heater

The PTC heater has a fast heating function, which can provide unparalleled heat distribution. This three-cylinder curling tongs need to be preheated for 1-2 minutes, and the temperature can be easily adjusted to suit your hair type and shorten the combing time.

  • Ease of use

Easy-to-use triple barrel wave device. The non-slip ergonomic handle and insulated barrel tip provide more safety. Note: To make your hair more natural and beautiful, it is recommended to hold a small piece of hair every time you curl it.

  • High quality

High temperature resistant ABS polymer resin plastic shell, using high temperature resistant coating technology heating plate to ensure uniform heating without damaging the hair. The heating element is PTC (thermal ceramic heating element) to quickly heat up!

  • Two temperatures

180°C is suitable for thin and soft hair, and 210°C is suitable for hard and thick hair. It can easily bring you a stylish look in just a few minutes, and the hairstyle is long lasting.

  • Specific operation

1. Insert the plug into the power socket before use, set the temperature, see the indicator light is on, and the curling iron starts to heat up.

2. After preheating for 1-2 minutes, the operating temperature is reached and it can be used.

3. Before use, comb the hair smoothly and divide it into sections, and operate it with strands from back to front. If you are using it for the first time, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the operation method when the power is off!

4. After use, the power should be turned off/cut off, and it can be stored after natural cooling.


Heat conductor material: environmentally friendly alloy

Color: pink

Weight: 505 g/1.1 lb

Frequency: 60HZ-50HZ

Applicable hair: wet and dry

Suitable voltage: universal voltage AC110V-240V

Temperature control: 180/210

Length of heating plate: 14 cm/5.5 inch

Body: 37 cm/14.6 inch